Friday, August 3, 2012

Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is when people are forced into prostitution. They typically are forced into it at a the age of 13+. They either stay, go missing, or die in that lifestyle. Men or women target boys or girls who have been abused, runaways, have history of violence or look vulnerable to them. Predators go so far, they even make social network pages, online ads, other internet resources in order to invade the minds of girls and control them.
Lovechat watched a documentary on this topic. Girls from different age groups were in this film. They all had one common reason they were apart of sex trafficking. They all wanted to feel "loved" by another human being. Many of their families meant nothing to them. Therefore, to have another person tell them "Come with me and I'll take care of you. I'll give you everything. You don't have to worry about anything." means alot. Those words to a girl from a broken home is like a fairy tale come true. However, when they really get into these relationships with manipulators, all lies begin to come out.
The beginning stage of the relationship is the "honeymoon stage" where they are given gifts, treated romantically, ect. so that they begin to gain trust for the soliciter (aka "pimp"). After time they feel like family and are convinced that they should contribute to the family by having sex for money. They get abused, bullied and often times raped so that they are fearful of not doing it or running away.
Sex Trafficking is no joke. People should be aware of the world around them and the dangers that exist. It can happen to anyone of us. Be careful and share this information with friends and loved ones. Just know that knowledge is a helpful key towards safety!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Body Image and the Media

Hey chatterbugs,

Today's blog is on body image and the media. What is you mindset on your image and the media? How does the media represent the ideal image of females?
How you apper is important in the media. The way photos are taken , the way you dress, and body structure plays alot in the way the population views you. Celebrities are presented in the media as slender, fashionable, and many other traits. They are often teased by the media if they don't represent that look. Teens often try to mimic that kind of image. Cool clothes, nice body, and other things. We tease each other often if we don't potray what is considered "cool". So media can have a large impact on our trends, image, and mindset.

Should media control the way we view ourselves and others?
Share how you feel below!

Friday, July 20, 2012

How bullying affects our school ?

Bullying affects our school because teenagers believe that it’s cool to bully others. Some teens commit suicide from bullying at school. It happens online and then ends up being brought back to school. Bullying also effect’s a person’s friends. They feel if they become friends with the person being bullied they will also bullied.

What it takes to be a good leader?

To be a good leader you must be responsible. Whether it’s doing something positive or just sitting around you must always be a good role model. Being a good leader also shows that you’re on time. Being an example in front of others to follow your on the right track at all times regardless of the situation.

Healthy Relationship

It is important to be in a healthy relationship because everyone deserves to be treated fairly. It’s up to you to allow yourself to be degraded. A healthy relationship involves trust, honesty, and support. In a relationship you must spend time together, but still respect each other’s space. 

School is not for everyone is it?

School may be overwhelming to some people, some find school very easy. School can be difficult sometimes, but very helpful in the long run. School may not be for everyone. However if you have people supporting you and you want to do well in life, you can make it through school.  Some people make it through school because of all the discouragement they received. People use discouragement as a motivation to make it through school to prove others wrong.  School is important for many reasons and you should want to get an education. No one can force you to get an education so it’s all up to you. It’s your life and life is only what you make it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Domestic Violence

In my opinion, I feel a domestic violence relationship is not necessary. Females say that "It's hard to leave", but if you walked in it then you can walk out of it. If you let a male tell you what to do within a month or so of your relationship then leave him. No women/young adult should allow a guy to hit her. Abusive relationships can be physical or mental. Dating violence and abuse can nlead to negative sexual health outcomes. If you are being abused, find someone trustworthy to talk too, work on positive things and better yourself as a person. Yes, it will be hard for you to leave but if you get tired of it move on. Whether you're in a verbal, physical or mental relationship, move on because in order for a relationship to be a relationship the two of you have to communicate about your feelings. If you have a friend that is being abused; tell them not to blame theirself but to create a safe plan for them to leave with, and stick to the plan. Also encourage your friend. When you finally decide to get out of the relationship, let people know the relationship is over and get a restaining order. It would also be wise to take someone with you when you go places. Sometimes you can get help from someone who has been in the situation. GET HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!